The Holistic Living Program was designed for individuals to engage in a holistic approach to wellness. The Holistic Living Mental Wellness Fund provides financial assistance to Black LGBTQ+ people to increase access to mental health support. Through this program we offer financial assistance to Black LGBTQ+ individuals who are experiencing financial hardship and seek to engage in mental health services. 

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The Details


The Holistic Living Mental Wellness Fund provides financial support for up to 6 sessions to preselected therapist. Please view the therapist below and apply here.


In order to apply, you will need to:

  • Identify as a Black LGBTQ+ person

  • Live in Illinois

Meet Our Therapist

Chanel Hampton, LCSW 

Chanel Hampton is an attentive and compassionate therapist trained in a variety of therapy modalities. Chanel received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Spelman College and Master of Arts in Social Work at The University of Chicago. Chanel has served in the field of social services for over 10 years, having worked in various capacities from care coordinator to therapist.

Chanel seeks to help individuals and families address anxiety, depression, and trauma. Chanel works from an interpersonal approach and believes that healing takes place by identifying the source of the issue at hand. Chanel considers the therapy hour to be a sacred time of healing. 

Devin Niecy, MAATC

For the past 15 years Devin has been positively consumed with understanding how the intersections of his identity from birth to current day has impacted his life for the better. Although navigating tough social systems Devin, a Black, Trans and Queer man has developed a keen sense of awareness and a critical conscious that motivates him to express and advocate for himself and others. Devin is passionate about supporting others as they navigate their Mind, Body and Social experiences.


Currently, Devin has created his own practice Back Talk Services and More that provides virtual space for by in large BIPoC LGBTQ+ folks to feel motivated and empowered while navigating their interpersonal and social worlds. Devin received his Masters in Art therapy and Counseling from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2016 and utilizes traditional talk therapy and the arts to support diverse clients and their mental wellness.

dr. nick alder, ph.d.

dr. nick is a multifaceted creative, researcher, strategist, and emergent therapist making healing and liberation irresistible. dr. nick works as a psychotherapist at mindful life chicago. she is also the founder of radical resilience, llc, an incubator for justice-centered queer and poc mental health clinicians. with more than ten years of experience in the mental health field, nick has trained and worked in private practice, forensic, integrative, and community mental health outpatient settings. they received their ph.d. in counseling psychology from loyola university chicago after completing their pre-doctoral internship at the chicago school forensic center. as a doctoral candidate dr. nick trained at the northshore university health system, mount sinai hospital child and adolescent behavioral health, and the cook county sheriff’s women’s justice program. dr. nick earned her ed.m. and m.a. in community mental health and her b.a. in psychology and africana studies. dr. nick engages her work grounded in her identities as a black queer non-binary femme. intersectionality is the foundational element of their therapeutic exploration. from this position, dr. nick centers the voices of those often forced to society’s margins.