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Over the course of 7 months we've offered access to free therapy and hosted conversations about the 7-dimensions of wellness. As we close this program out, we welcome you back to recenter your holistic wellness through spiritual readings, exercise, financial budgeting, community, and more. 

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Sunday, SEPT. 19
Spiritual Wellness

Jasmine A. Barber, also known as the rapper J Bambii, is an artist, educator, tarot reader, and cartoon-lover from the Southside of Chicago. She is the founder and creator of The Brown Skin Lady Show & the community healing initiative called “Come Together”. Jasmine has also released a tape called “RETROGRADE” under her alias. She is currently working on another body of music & more community focused events.

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Monday, SEPT. 20
Physical Wellness

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Seobia Rivers, The Fitness and Health Creative, is the Co-Founder & Fitness Director of a non-profit community organization Healthy Hood, a visual artist, and an entrepreneur who is passionate about fitness , health, and freedom of expression; she is an artist in the world of wellness. Equipped with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Illinois State University + being a NASM certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, Seobia has been committed to making fitness + health safe, fun, effective, revolutionary & liberating since 2011. She believes it's her God given mission to encourage & help others reach health in all its ways- physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Seobia assists others in their journey of breaking negative generational habits. She helps people discover/create their own individualized healthy lifestyle because she understands it looks different for everyone!

Learn more about Seobia and Healthy Hood here.

Tuesday, SEPT. 21
Mental Wellness

Ammie Kae is a Licensed Social Worker and Clinical Therapist, who has dedicated her professional career to cultivating spaces for Black women and girls to heal and grow. She developed her roots as a practitioner working closely with victims of gender and race based violence through macro and micro-level practice. 

She has experience working with client's at all stages of development, from early childhood through adulthood, and from various backgrounds and cultures. She works closely with individuals and families who are experiencing crisis, are struggling to manage symptoms of trauma, dealing with mental illness, or are looking to regain a sense of hope and joy about life. Ammie Kae is committed to integrating technology, arts, and relevant research into her therapeutic approach to provide both communities and clients with safe environments for mental restoration. 


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Wednesday, SEPT. 22
Emotional Wellness


Today we rest. Holistic Living Week of Wellness is about engaging ourselves with 7 dimensions of wellness but we don’t always need to doing something or engage in conversation with others.

Today we call in our Emotional Wellness to rest. Rest our hearts. Rest our minds. Rest our bodies.

Friday, SEPT. 24
Financial Wellness

Finesse Your Finances

Franziska Miles is the creator and manager of Fro Babe, a platform that was established to recreate and promote self acceptance. Miles is currently working on a segment targeted to Black entrepreneurs. Her ultimate goal is to educate and give opportunity to those that institutions often overlook. 

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Saturday, SEPT. 25
Social Wellness

Black People Fish

A Day to Teach, enjoy Fishing, and Being Black!

Join us with Brown Skin Lady Show combat anti-Blackness that has ripped away and turned off our communities from being in nature. As we come together for the closing of our Holistic Living Week of Wellness with a Social event, we are called into our environmental and spiritual wellness as well. 

The creator of Brown Skin Lady Show stated "With everything going on and with everything happening, I think it’s important to show love to Nature and show love ourselves as well, too. These are important tools that our ancestors passed down to us, and its important that we remember them, as well as implement them!"

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Learn more about J Bambi and Brown Skin Lady Show here




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