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Donate Today!

Affinity reaches over 2,000 individuals annually. We do so through a combination of educational, social, and community collaborations. So many programs that serve LGBTQ communities of color across the country have been forced to severely scale back their programs or completely shut their doors, but Affinity is still here! We thank you for your continued support.


Here are some examples of why your contributions are so important:

  • $10 buys a one-day pass to help constituents get to and from Affinity events and services.

  • $30 pays for the monthly maintenance fee on our copier.

  • $50 pays for a box of copy paper for the office.

  • $90 covers staff time for planning and hosting a two-hour workshop.

  • $150 pays for phone,cable and internet services for one month.

  • $200 pays business cards for staff and board members

  • $500 covers one quarter of the rent on our office space, which also serves as program space for monthly group meetings.

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You can make an online donation by clicking here or sending a check to:

Affinity Community Services
2850 S. Wabash Ave. #108
Chicago, IL 60615
Call us at 773-324-0377 for more information.
The Giving Circle

The Giving Circle.


The Giving Circle is a collection of people who have decided that Affinity is important enough to them that they want to give every month to the organization. How wonderful is that?!

By joining the Giving Circle you will receive special offers, discounts on events, and giveaways.

Give Monthly!

Join with any amount by checking the box to make a monthly donation!

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