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Living Room Chats is a new monthly podcast hosted by Kelly Suzanne Saulsberry. You can tune-in on Affinity’s Facebook page every third Wednesday at 7pm CT.

“Living Room Chats” will feature conversations with dynamic individuals from a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and walks of life. Some of the topics we’ll dive into include political advocacy, culture, identity, and spirituality.

Each of us has a story. Each of us has questions we ask ourselves and others. Each of us has things we aspire to, issues and principles we are for or against, and existential questions we ponder. Each of us has identities that shape how we perceive each other and ourselves.

In this time of divisive and vitriolic rhetoric, hyper curated networks on social media, and a heightened sensitivity that makes some of us afraid to say anything, there is a real need for brave conversations and bold voices that push us beyond talking points and stereotypes, and empower us instead to think critically, feel deeply, and speak candidly about our thoughts, experiences, and lives.

This is the mission of Living Room Chats at Affinity. We are excited about bringing these conversations from our living room into yours, and hope that this podcast will inspire you to have brave and bold conversations of your own with people in your lives.

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Want to find previous episode? Watch more.

Latest Episodes.

Episode 12 w/ Ken Mejia-Beal

Ken Mejia-Beal is originally from the Southside of Chicago. Ken Mejia Beal is a political organizer who has worked for candidates across the Midwest. He is also an award winning commentator for two publications , Patriot Not Partisan and DemWrite Press. In addition to writing and politically organizing Ken serves on several civic boards and advisory panels for marginalized people. Ken, along with his business associate Isaac King , started the first all Political Podcast hosted by 2 LGBT hosts of color in the Midwest. Ken was also the first openly LGBT and African American to serve on the board of the Democratic Party of DuPage County.

Episode 11 w/ Kim L. Hunt

Kim L. Hunt. She is the former executive director of Affinity Community Services. Currently serving as executive director of the Pride Action Tank (PAT), a project of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC), where she also serves as the senior director of Policy & Advocacy Operations. Ms. Hunt’s career spans the public, private, and nonprofit sectors with a focus on advocacy, community and organizational development, and leadership.


In 2018, Affinity hosted an online summit with over 300 participants from all over the United States and Canada.


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