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We envision a society where
Black LGBTQ+ people can be free.


Affinity Community Services is a Black led, queer led organization on Chicago’s Southside dedicated to social justice in Black LGBTQ+ communities. For 25 years, we have centered Black queer women through community organizing, intergenerational programming, education, and healing justice. 


We work to end the marginalization of Black LGBTQ+ people globally by building brave activist  communities where all intersections of LGBTQ+ identity are fully embraced. Through activism, education, and transformative justice practices, we build avenues for collective action, LGBTQ+ justice, healing, and Black liberation.

What's Going On.


“Affinity makes the world safer for me and people like me. I know that I can bring my whole self, and feel my whole self reflected back. It’s home.”

Aisha N. Davis Esq.

 Affinity Board Member

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