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Peer-Led Groups



Peer led programs are crucial to Affinity’s development as an organization. For many years, there was no paid staff at Affinity so if it were not for volunteers, the organization would not exist.

Our volunteer led program groups create and run programs that reach particular demographics in our community. These programs are highly tailored and in addition to providing support and programming, create leadership opportunities. We currently have the following volunteer led program groups. Each has its own schedule and contact persons.


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The purpose of the Affinity Trail Blazers (formerly known as the Affinity Senior group) is to provide community and information for and among seniors to identify challenges of being in the 60+ age group; to advocate for individuals in this age group; and to provide support for partners whose partners have health issues.

Trailblazers, movie mondays 2pm, 1st monday of the month; and monthly potluck 2nd Wednesday of the month

Toi Williams, Affinity Trailblazers (formerly the Senior Group),

Mid Streamers

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Peer led social/support group for African American LGBTQ women 50+.


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The Forty Plus group includes, but is not limited to individuals who identify as lesbian, bisexual, or transgender women who are at least 40 years of age.

3rd Tuesday of the month, 7-9pm

4th Wednesday of the month, start at 7pm

Proud Parents

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Proud Parents is tailored to LGBTQI individuals who are raising children. Support and a sense of community will be provided to these non-traditional families as well as the chance to meet other colorful families with similar interests.


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The purpose of Spectrum is to build community amongst masculine of center folks within the LGBTQ community. We will live out this purpose by providing a safe space offering healing interactions and fun escapes for people of color. We hope that through this group we can build a brotherhood of service to others.


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A peer group with a focus on holding space for Black queers to hold space for Black queers seeking to build community, programs, and events for people under forty.

2nd Sunday of the month, 1-3pm

3rd Thursday of the month,meeting at 7:00 PM CT

2nd Thursday of the month, meeting at 7:00 PM CT

Jessica Switzer, Spectrum,


Are you interested in starting a group at Affinity? Learn how to become a peer lead today!


In 2018, Affinity hosted an online summit with over 300 participants from all over the United States and Canada.


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