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Homecoming Weekend Recap

25 years of Affinity!

"We show up to Affinity when our cups are empty. So many people come to Affinity because they need community. Maybe they don't have somewhere to call home . . . Affinity becomes a place where people can feel like they have people who understand them and relate to them."
Anna DeShawn, Board President

At Affinity, we pride ourselves in being a Black LGBTQIA+ organization showing up for our community everyday. We do this work from our hearts and in a special way no other organization has been able to duplicate. In 1995 and along the way, many people have laid the foundation for the heart of Affinity. We are a community of people who affirm our lives while holding ourselves and everyone accountable. Affinity represents all kinds of people who are invested in dismantling systems of oppression. We do this work through love.

We envision a society where being your authentic self is not a liability and differences are fully embraced.

Thank you for celebrating with us!

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