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Burning Bowl 2021

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

For over a decade, Affinity's Burning Bowl event has kicked off a new year with letting go of the past and bringing in the future to empower individuals and inspire community. This year's event sees a move toward a new focus.

In this virtual world, we've pivoted in many ways and how we've stayed connected. Burning Bowl is a great reminder of the power of pen and paper.

Although we can't be together in one space, we will be together in many spaces as we say goodbye to the past and hello to 2021 and the next 25 years of Black LGBTQ+ community.

Join us as we continue to look towards the future.

What is Burning Bowl?

Burning Bowl is our annual event to reflect on the previous year and take a moment during 'The Burn' away the things we no longer want to carry with us. This may be regret, guilt, shame, etc. *We do not burn people. Although we won't be able to share space, the spirits will let us know. We burn away the mindsets that hold us back

What else to expect?

'The Letters'

This is a sacred moment between you and your future self. Every Burning Bowl we write letters to our future self with affirmations and goals for the year. Affinity holds onto those letters and mails them back to you 6 months into the year.

This year you can mail-in your letter or drop off your letter to us.

Affinity Community Services

2850 S. Wabash Ave, Suite 108

Chicago, IL 60616

Drop off days & hours:

Monday, Jan. 4th | 10am - 3pm

Tuesday, Jan. 5th | 10am - 3pm

Friday, Jan. 8th | 10am - 3pm


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