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A Day Without Us

Affinity joins in solidarity with over 60 national partners in a mass action demanding reproductive justice and freedom for Black women.

What if Black Women reclaimed all our energy and effort from the outside world and applied it to ourselves for a full day? #DayWithoutUs is a day of protest, learning, and community building. Black LGBTQ women are currently facing attacks on our reproductive health and wellness through further restrictions on our access to abortion, PrEP, gender affirming care, and equal pay. Resisting this oppression requires that we exercise our power in both new and familiar ways. DayWithoutUs demands recognition of the time, labor, Black women, have always been connectors between our communities and every part of the democratic process; this is no different. The urgency to address reproductive rights is a direct part of protecting our overall freedom. On September 30th, we invite you to join a mass teach-in to make those connections.

When: All-day Friday, September 30, 2022

Where: Online and #DayWithoutUs pop-us across America

What: Easily accessible online programs and information sessions, #DayWithoutUs pop-ups across America featuring local community and movement organizations

Why: We own our bodies and our time. We know that our bodies- the very bodies our government is attempting to exert more control over daily- fuel and drive the systems that keep this country going. America runs on us. #DayWithoutUs — we resist business as usual. On Friday, September 30th, we will remove ourselves from our daily routines and join a mass teach-in to understand how the fight for reproductive justice is a fight for all of our freedoms — and learn how to plug into the fight from where you are.

Affinity will be hosting a pop-up healing event after the virtual National Teach-In at our offices on Friday, Sept 30 at 6:30p as our Black Queer Love movie night featuring dinner and ice-cream provided by Ben and Jerry's.

Register now at to join the national teach-in connecting Black Women's reproductive freedom to the global fight for freedom. You can also connect with local organizers in your area and learn how our various fights are connected through free virtual events, attend an in-person community pop-ups, and find joy in community. Find out more at

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